BiomedRx Optimum Formula Brain Boost™ – Nootropics Formula


BiomedRx Optimum Formula Brain Boost is our super nootropics formula. It has all of the right nutrients to promote optimal brain health and performance. Nootropics are supplements that help your brain function at its maximum level of performance.

BiomedRx Optimum Formula Brain Boost™ is a potent Nootropics supplement for brain health.

BiomedRx Optimum Formula Brain Boost™ is a dietary supplement designed to promote optimum brain health and cognitive functioning.

BiomedRx Optimum Formula Brain Boost™ supports memory, learning and other cognitive functions. The ingredients within this product improve brain functions, enhance memory and cerebral metabolism.

BiomedRx Optimum Formula Brain Boost™ contains 50 mg of Ginko Biloba (as 24% extract), 125mg of Phosphatidylserine Complex, 50 mg of Acetyl_L Carnitine, 250 mg of St. John’s Wort (as .3% extract), 150 mg of Glutamine (as L-glutamine hydrochloride), 50 mg of DMAE Bitatrate, 100 mg of Bacopin (20% bacosides), and 2 mg of Vinpocetine per one capsule serving.

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